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What others are saying about our Joint Enhancer:
I recently purchased your Joint Enhancer, for my 60-year-old father who has arthritis over his entire body and cannot lift his arm above his shoulder. After being on your Joint Enhancer for only 3 weeks, 3 times a day taken on an empty stomach not only can he lift his arm above his shoulder but can raise it up over his head & touch the other side of his face. This is the best product for people with minor or major discomfort. If you've tried everything, like my dad, you need to give the Joint Enhancer from Thropp's Nutrition a try.
- Denise S, WI

My mother is 71 years old. For the past few years she has had to use the railing when going up and down stairs because the joints in her knees hurt too much. After being on the Joint Enhancer for about two weeks her knee's felt good enough that she didn't have to hold onto the railing anymore when going up and down stairs. She stopped taking the Joint Enhancer for three days and the pain in her knee's came back so she started using the Joint Enhancer again and the pain went away again. She is now completely convinced that the Joint Enhancer really does work. She has also noticed that she can get in and out of her car easier and carrying groceries into her house is less of a task. A special note also, my mother in the past has been taking and still is taking the Daily Enhancer, Cat's Claw, and Ionic Marine Minerals.
- David T, NY

I'm seventy six years old and I have been taking the Joint Enhancer for nearly a year. It has helped me to enjoy life again. My swelling, tenderness and osteoarthritis has improved greatly.
- Sarah

My son David Thropp Jr. has been weight lifting for the past few years and developed a chronic pain in his shoulder. After taking the Joint Enhancer for three weeks his chronic shoulder pain has gone away, during those three weeks I had him taking two capsules three times per day. He took two Joint Enhancer's morning, mid-afternoon, and one hour before bed, each time with one Daily Enhancer.
- David T, NY

My knees feel great! The Joint Enhancer has done wonders! I like the grape seed/gingko (Grape Seed Plus) for a pick me up and antioxidant.
- Randolph Y, OH

Mr. D. Thropp, I am 67 years old, and I do not take any prescription drugs. I went to my Dr. here in Fla. For the first visit. She walked in and said “I want to shake your hand.” Cause there aren’t too many 67 yr old people that aren’t on a lot of drugs. I just take, Multi Vat, Joint Enhancer, Elite-Zyme Ultra, and Cat’s Claw. Sincerely, Keenan

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Joint Enhancer is a great product. I was having knee problems. Going up the stairs was making my knees ache. I ordered the Joint Enhancer along with the Ionic Trace Minerals. After a few days my knees cleared up. I'm able to go and down the stairs at a fast pace now. Thank you for a terrific product. I highly recommend it. I always say if you give your body what it needs it can heal itself. Thropp's Nutrition is wonderful. Thank you

Rebecca Lainesse

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